‘Paranormal Activity’ gets Limited Edition Blu-ray from Second Sight Films ready for possession and out now ( @SecondSightFilm )


‘Entertains as much as it scares. That’s my kind of horror’

The Independent

‘Rarely has a movie manipulated so skilfully the disturbing power of black screen space and the potential horror within’

The Times

‘Striking at all of the right chords… the film works on the nerves of the viewer by repeatedly assaulting them with a brilliant balance of silence, soundscape and subtle visual effects’



‘So successful at turning something as mundane as a slammed door into a skin-crawling event… potent, primal and genuinely frightening’



In 2009 a low-budget horror arrived with little fanfare and quickly become a demonic force to be reckoned with, growing into an international horror phenomenon…that film was Paranormal Activity. Scaring the living daylights out of audiences the world over and spawning many a sequel, this monster of a horror hit makes the most mundane into the most terrifying film of its time and is now set for the Limited Edition Blu-ray treatment, from expert in the field, Second Sight Films.

Director Oren Peli’s chiller became one of the most talked about horror films of the 21st century, going on to earn its place as one of the horror greats and redefining the found footage genre, it now gets a hauntingly brilliant new high-def release on 30 Septermber 2021. The box set comes in a rigid, slipcase with new artwork by James Neal plus a book featuring brand new essays and collectors’ art cards, it also contains a slew of special features including audio commentaries, new cast and director interviews, an alternative ending and The Festival Cut ending.

A young couple, played with elan by Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, move into a new home in the suburbs, but all is not well and they soon become convinced that it’s haunted by a demonic presence. In the hope of finding evidence they set a video camera up in their bedroom to film the room as they sleep. What they record is more terrifying than they could ever have imagined.

Paranormal Activity ‘hit the bull’s-eye of a particular cultural and cinematic zeitgeist’ (The Fright File), you’ll definitely want this Limited Edition Blu-ray in your possession.


Audio commentary by Oren Peli

Audio commentary by Mary Beth McAndrews and Terry Mesnard

Breaking Normal: a new interview with Oren Peli

The Marked One: a new interview with Katie Featherston

The Man with the Camera: a new interview with Micah Sloat

The Possessed: a new interview with Ashley Palmer

Alternative Ending

The Festival Cut ending

Deleted scene

English subtitles for the hearing impaired



Rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal

Soft cover book with new essays by Sarah Appleton, Anton Bitel, Shellie McMurdo and Pete Turner

6 collectors’ art cards

You can order the blu ray now https://secondsightfilms.co.uk/collections/pre-orders/products/paranormal-activity-limited-edition-pre-order

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