Is Ruff Ruff ‘A Boys Best Friend’? Find out in the new book by Luke Ramer , available now on Amazon.

Where would be be without creative people? The filmmakers, the actors,the musicians,  the painters, and writers of the world to name just a few. I think you are all wonderful and keep everyone entertained in times when we need entertaining. I do tend to watch more films than anything else but always like to find time (wish i could find more) to read. But I’m working on that!

So when I see someone I know (even if its just me virtually knowing them) put out some content, be it a film, a song, a photo, or a book, then it always brings a smile to my face and I will try to help spread the word about that project. Not only because it might help them gain a few new viewers, listeners, or readers, no I do it because its just a nice thing to do and doesn’t take me very long and its my small part in repaying the work that they put into their projects. The latest thing I would like to draw your attention to is the book above. ‘A Boy’s Best Friend’ by Luke Ramer.  Now ive never met Luke but have listened to his voice for many hours (lots of hours) on a podcast that he co hosts with his friend Chris (who is also a wonderful creative soul too I might add) and have heard many mention of the book that Luke has been working in and so its with a smile and some joy that I saw earlier that the book is now live for you to get on Amazon. 

A Boy’s Best Friend is summed up as a coming-of-age story that takes us info the world of  Oliver, a young boy who moves to a new town where he is then  forced to deal with encounters with bullies, with girls, with family, and his murderous stuffed dog, Ruff Ruff. Ah but will Ruff Ruff be ‘A Boy’s Best Friend’
Well I’m guessing that only that question will be answered if you read Luke’s book

A Boy’s Best Friend is available  for Kindle download or if you are old school (like me) then you can grab yourself a paperback to read about Oliver and Ruff Ruff. Not only will you surely find yourself reading a wonderful story, but you’ll also be helping a cool guy like Luke feel good, and spur him on to write more books (although will Ruff Ruff be in those books- well you’d have to ask Luke that one)

You can order A Boy’s Best Friend here  

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