revisiting ‘Rancid Aluminium’ (2000)

Pete (played by Rhys Ifans) inherits a company and his best friend, the ambitious accountant (played by Joseph Fiennes ) makes a deal with a Russian mafia boss (played ty Steven Berkoff) . The Russian wants hard currency and grand-kids but kills his daughter’s lovers. and thats about as much of the main plot that I followed. Sub plots also features Pete, and his wife Sarah (played by Sadie Frost) trying to conceive  and Pete gets himself involved in more sub plots that we the audience know aren’t going to end well for Pete.  Welcome to the madness that is Rancid Aluminium.

Released during the post- Lock Stock wave of British films who’s marketing always seem to claim was ‘the best British Film of the year’, Rancid Aluminium does have a great cast  (also featuring Nick Moran, Keith Allen, and Tara Fitzgerald) and is shot well, but the film itself is pretty much all over the place, with a narrative voice over ty Rhys Ifans, the film tiptoes between a fairytale feel to a crime drama, but sadly not perfecting either. I remember watching the film upon its release onto DVD and VHS, and whilst I didn’t hate the film (and still don’t) it hardly lit my eyes and mind on fire. 

Does it deserve to be on the worst British films of all time list. I say no it doesn’t, but its certainly not in danger of ending up on the best list either, but its a mad cap crazy film with a good cast, and a desire to grab the fans who craved more of the Guy Ritchie style filmmaking that lit up the UK cinema audience in 1998. with those Two Smoking Barrels.

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