The Nest (out now ), puts you off buying a teddy bear, for LIFE!.

A mother’s reality erodes around her as she struggles to fathom the entangled web of her daughter’s separation anxiety brought on by parasitic creatures within a stuffed bear in The Nest, a super creepy atmospheric film that will trigger your ‘oh this is going to be strange’ alarms straight from the offset.

Written by Jennifer Trudrung and directed by James Suttles, The Nest (also known as The Bewailing) has a great cast (including genre favourite Dee Wallace as Marrisa) and a fantastic performance by Maple Suttles as ‘Meg’ ‘The Nest’ is a beautiful film to watch and listen to (with a very haunting score by Neil Lee Griffin ( Dusk Series) which will keep those nerves on the very edge. To review The Nest is a tricky one, especially without spoilers but lets just say that after watching this film, you wont ever feel the need to pick up a bear at a yard sale. Just don’t!!! Don’t do it!

So if you like your films creepy, atmospheric and one that will get under your skin, do check it out! Even more so if you have a child who perhaps….might just be behaving a little differently than they used to.

The Nest will be available exclusively at Redbox from July 6 and available on Digital, On Demand and DVD July 20 from 4DigitalMedia.

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