From Director Mika Boorem comes Hollywood.con a fun-packed adventure-comedy in the tradition of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile. Out now on Amazon ( @MikaBoorem )

 It’s a mad race to the top and everyone is desperate to get there.
Acclaimed actress Mika Boorem (Riding in Cars With Boys, Blue Crush, Hearts in Atlantis) makes her feature directorial debut with Hollywood.Con, available now on Amazon Prime.
A fun-packed adventure-comedy in the tradition of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile, Hollywood.Con tells of an aspiring actor (Mika Boorem, Blue Crush) who accidentally steals the identity of a big time producer (Paige Howard, Adventureland), and is hurled into Hollywood’s next big Mayan feature film.
In the jungle of Guatemala she is mistaken by El Jade (Tom Arnold, True Lies) as a member of a rival cartel. After her imminent kidnapping and torture – her Reluctant father is forced to team up to save her. She rescues herself by conning El Jade’s son, leading to her escape. After reconnecting with her father, the two partner up with a Mayan Priest (Marco De Nino) and steal an airplane in order to fulfill the duties of the film and attempt to make it home alive
Tom Arnold, Devin Ratray, Cody Kasch, Brian Krause, Paige Howard, Brittany Underwood, Mika Boorem, Preston Acuff, Marco De Nino, Christopher T. Wood, Herbert Russell, Jackie Pucci, and Saheed Rahmani star in a Mika Boorem film. Co-written and produced by Benjamin Boorem.

Hollywood.CON is now available on Amazon

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