Twisted: Tainted Tales, the debut collection of stories from horror author Janine Pipe out now ( @JaninePipe28 ) #booktwitter

An abandoned house. A locked desk drawer full of old papers. And an 80’s mix tape?

Jill is tasked with seeking out any legal documents from the property.

What she discovers, transports her into a world of nightmares, ranging from the macabre to the downright chilling. Jill knows she has to share the stories she’s uncovered …

In Twisted: Tainted Tales, the Splatterpunk Award-nominee delivers creature features, supernatural urban legends, cannibalism and a few other surprises. Mixing flash fiction with short stories, these tales might be tainted and will be twisted.

“Janine Pipe’s first collection made me an instant fan. A stellar debut!” Brian Keene

“Sidle on up to Janine Pipe’s debut horror buffet. There’s enough here to gorge on to satisfy every bloody appetite. So many wicked delights!” Hunter Shea, author of Misfits and Bigfoot in the Bronx. 


“Full of bloodthirsty monsters and gory mayhem, this impressive debut collection is a must-read for any hardcore horror fan.” – Tim Meyer, author of Malignant Summer and The Switch House

You can order Twisted: Tainted Tales on Kindle  here:  or on Paperback here 

You can follow author Janine  on the following social media



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