Uproariously bloody UNCLE PECKERHEAD! comes to bluray via 101 films this May ( @101_films)

In May 101 Films are releasing the uproariously bloody UNCLE PECKERHEAD! Part insane road-trip comedy, part rock concert, part unimaginable gore-fest, Uncle Peckerhead has midnight movie written all over its bloody mangled corpse. Available on Blu-ray and across digital platforms from 3rd May, the Blu-ray includes a cast commentary and the short film Larry Gone Demon.
Punk outfit DUH are about to embark on their first tour in preparation for a big hometown show. Only problem is they don’t have any wheels. Luckily, they run into a nice southern redneck, Peckerhead or “Peck” to his friends, who just happens to live in a 15-passenger van. He is more than happy to be their roadie and merch guy if they throw him a few bucks and cover gas. What could be the harm? However, Peck has a secret he is keeping: if he doesn’t take his medicine before midnight, he turns into a cannibalistic monster.

Blu-ray Special Features

Cast commentary
Holy Mess music video
Short film: Larry Gone Demon
Trailerrns into a cannibalistic monster.

Pre Order Now Here https://101-films-store.com/products/uncle-peckerhead-2020?mc_cid=8a3d101601&mc_eid=947747f7f7

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