Smart, fast-paced zombie actioner Final Days starring Tyler Posey, Summer Spiro and Donald Sutherland gets the heart pumping. ( @tylergposey )

Final Days  (also known as Alone, in some territories ), tells of a viral outbreak that ravages the country, Aidan ( played by Tyler Posey) barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing his food supplies. His apartment complex is soon overrun by infected “Screamers”, and with the world falling apart into chaos, he is left completely alone fighting for his life in this smart, fast paced zombie thriller from director Johnny Martin (Vengeance:A Love Story) 

The film whilst it does have its action set pieces and tension, also has some tender sweet scenes, one that is definitely worth mentioning  is an early scene where Aidan, and Eva (played by Summer Spiro) hold a conversation with each other, through two sheets of glass and a distance of quite a few feet. Its a lovely emotional scene before the film kicks up a gear and chaos and claustrophobic atmosphere begins again.  Final Days is a great film and smart enough that it doesn’t feel the need to give you upfront an explanation of what is happening and why, it drops you into chaos and just like our main characters, we have to work it out as we spend more time in this world and a scary world it is too.

Check out Final Days when you can .

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