Arrow Player marches on with more titles added to its streaming service ( @arrow_player )

Arrows streaming service grows more and more this month with a host of new titles, with the key highlights including the exclusive premiere of Jill Gevargizian’s acclaimed psychological thriller THE STYLIST, extraordinary short film  collections from award-winning filmmakers Brian Lonano and Jim Cummings, the reappearance of two INVISIBLE MAN rarities, splendid new film seasons TRAFFIC WAS MURDER and CAUGHT ON TAPE, a celebration of Meiko Kaji, and so much more….

New Titles  which were added at the start of From March are, 
The Stylist
Crow Hand!!!
BFF Girls
The Devil’s Asshole
Gwilliam’s Tips for Turning Tricks into Treats
The Invisible Man Appears
The Invisible Man vs the Human Fly
Endless Poetry
Holy Motors
The Dance of Reality
The Naked City
Brute Force

New Titles to be added from March 15th are,
A Trip to the Moon (B&W and Colour versions)
13 Assassins
Parent Teacher
Cory Comes to Xmas
The Stop
Marty Hearts Katie
The Robbery
Native Stand Up
Us Funny

New Titles – From March 19
Mirror Mirror

New Titles – From March 22
Camera Buff
Madame Bovary
The Flower of Evil
Gulliver’s Travels
Mata Hari Agent

New Seasons  already added this month
Brian Lonano Collection Vol 1 – A collection of five weird, wonderful and downright insane award winning short films from director Brian Lonano. Films in the collectionGwilliam, CROWHAND!!!, BFF Girls, Gwilliam’s Tips for Turning Tricks into Treats plus.. the exclusive premiere of The Devil’s Asshole  

Traffic Was Murder – The hell with traffic calming, ‘Traffic Was Murder’ is a collection of ARROW automotive annihilation that’ll rev your engine and leave you wrecked. Films in the collection: Crash, Black Test Car, Whiskey Mountain, Burst City, Pit Stop, Creepshow 2, Hitchhike to Hell, Khrustalyov My Car, She-Devils on Wheels, The Hills Have Eyes Part 2

Unchained Melody: The Films of Meiko Kaji – ARROW presents a month-long celebration of the Queen of Japanese Action cinema. From leading the rebellious girl gangs of Stray Cat Rock to being a harbinger of pure unbridled vengeance in Female Prisoner Scorpion, Kaji has done it all. (And done it in style!)

Caught On Tape –  Viral outbreaks, death curses, illicit sex, pervy pictures and uncomfortable truths – the ‘Caught On Tape’ season is a selection of films where posing for a photo, filming something never meant to be seen or watching unearthed videos is all good fun, but could also get you in big trouble – or even killed. Films in the collection include: [REC], The El Duce Tapes, Ringu (series), Videoman, Double Face, The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion, Kolobos, Demonlover, The Black Report, Whirlpool, Scum of the Earth, Model Shop, Ivansxtc

Make-up Effects Masterclass – We all know CGI blood sucks and that lovingly-crafted hand-made artery-gushing flesh-peeling stomach-churning practical effects are where it’s at, so our ‘Make-Up Effects Masterclass’ is a shelf full of examples of the best, from the best. Films in the collection: Bride of Re-Animator, Creepshow 2, Doom Asylum, Edge of the Axe, Hellraiser (series), Inferno of Torture, Island of Death, Re-Animator

Jim Cummings Shorts – A stunning collection of shorts from Jim Cummings, the Sundance Award-winning filmmaker of Thunder Road. Films in the collection: The complete mini-series Minutes, including Cory Comes to Xmas, Native Stand Up, The Robbery, Marty Hearts Katie and Parent Teacher; The Stop and Us Funny

Try the alternative – head to ARROW and start your 30-day free trial. Available on the following Apps/devices: Roku (all Roku sticks, boxes, devices, etc), Apple TV; iOS devices, Android TV and mobile devices, Fire TV (all Amazon Fire TV Sticks, boxes, etc), and on all web browsers at www.ARROW-Player.comSubscriptions are available for £4.99 monthly or £49.99 annually


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