In Search Of The Last Action Heroes explodes into my Top 10 ( @lastactiondoc )

An absolute gem of a nostalgia documentary which at 2hours and 22 minutes is still too short. I loved this look back at the action heroes of the cinematic and home video era which dragged me right back to my youth.  But this isn’t just a run of the mill nostalgia documentary featuring talking heads such as Stallone,  Schwarzenegger, or Van Damme, no. What the filmmakers (Oliver Harper and Timon Singh) have done is bring us talking head chats with many filmmakers and names that we don’t often see interviews with and give us their view on what it was like to take part in the coolest decade (or two) for action films and action stars. Peter MacDonald (the second director of Rambo III), Vernon Wells (Commando, The Road Warrior), Scott Adkins ( Undisputed),Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), Cynthia Rothrock (China OBrien), Bill Duke (Commando) and many more. I could easily have watched and listened to these wonderful people talk for hours and hours and hours. 

In Search Of The Last Action Heroes isnt just a talking head documentary though, we are treated to not just clips of the films they talk about, but also get to see some cool behind the scenes footage that even I havent seen before (and I grew up devouring this genre in the 80s and 90s)  Whilst this whole documentary is a highlight for and has already secured itself in my Top Documentary List of the Year, one of the main highlights is Mario Kassar, a name that I associated with big budget films for many years but until this documentary, I had never seen a frame of an interview with the man himself. He is given great screen time here and shares many stories about some of his productions (and there are many including Total Recall, Rambo to name a couple)  

Huge thanks to Oliver and Timon for putting this film together and gathering some of the coolest names in action cinema all into one documentary to take me on a trip back to my previous years. 10 out of 10! and 

The film is available on Itunes, Amazon (DVD and Blu ray) and also can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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