Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston, and Patrick Fugit give great performances in Queen of Earth. On Shudder ( @shudder)

Stuck for something to watch last night (im sure you have those indecisive moods sometimes) I ventured into my favourite streaming platform Shudder and decided to check out Queen of Earth, a film by Alex Ross Perry. Now I hadn’t heard of the film before it appeared in a much welcomed Shudder newsletter, letting me know what new arrives there were on the platform. Family of course with the cast (Elisabeth Moss, from The West Wing, and The Handmaids Tale), Katherine Waterston from Alien: Covenant, Steve Jobs) and Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous, and TVs Outcast) but I hadn’t heard of the film or knew anything about the plot. But from the cast list alone, I ventured in.

To say that Queen of Earth is a strange film is an understatement, I spent most of the film wondering what the plot was, but thats okay. Whilst the film does bring confusion with it, the central performances are fantastic and its those performances that stop you from exiting the film.

So, the plot, well we see that two women go away together to an almost remote cabin. One meets a man who distracts her from being there for her other friend.  Sounds like a simple plot, and actually it is, but its the friendship between the two women where the film becomes a tough viewing. They most certainly have a relationship that I would describe as toxic with them both word battling to every response or question the other one asks. Its certainly not a friendship that I would tolerate in my own life thats for sure.

But as id mentioned, its the performances that engage us, and they do that 100% and whilst we might not know what happened, what is happening or what will happen with these two women, we cant help out carry on to the end, to find out.  This film would make a fantastic stage play and I hope one day that it does, but for now, do I recommend Queen of Earth? Well on the plot. No, but if you like seeing great acting performances, then definitely yes.  Its very well shot, and everything about the production of the film has been wonderfully done. Its just very hard to make an engaging film when the only characters within that film are people you dislike and who you dont want in your own life. 

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