Actor Christopher Showerman keeps us fit during 2020 ( @ChrisShowerman )

2020 has easily been the ‘strangest’ year that most of us will remember and whilst the year has of course given the world many things that we didnt want or didnt need, we have also had the time to come up with new ventures and tick off a few things of that never ending ‘to do list’

Actor Chrisopher Showerman (George of The Jungle 2 ) has a new venture – a weekly video series in which the actor helps folks stay in shape during the pandemic and lockdown.
Says Showerman, “The Path Of Leashed Resistance is a system I developed in response to a torrent of requests for how to stay in shape without going broke during the pandemic lockdown.  For many of us, fitness is a vital part of our daily routine, not only for our physical well being, but also to maintain a healthy mental state.  But with public gyms closed and the available workout equipment remaining priced in some cases over 500% of their typical value, a lot of people I know felt like their options were very limited. 

Personally, I love exercising outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  When we start seeing the environment at large as a huge open air gym, the potential for a fun workout really opens up.  I bought a couple of dog leashes for a couple of bucks and came up with this bodyweight resistance workout that can challenge every major muscle group and is actually a ton of fun!

I wanted to share these ideas completely free, so I pulled together a few of my pals and we made a series of over-the-top 60 second videos that highlight each of the exercises in an entertaining and sometimes humorous way!  Because we use dog leashes in the exercises, the series is called “The Path Of LEASHED Resistance” and your only investment is your time and a couple of sturdy nylon leashes.

We will be rolling out a new exercise each week for the next several months.  The videos will be released on The Path Of Leashed Resistance channel on Youtube and on several social media platforms. 

There will be follow up material for each exercise and examples available on the companion website: “

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