Cursed film “ANTRUM” gets Halloween release

Whilst Hollywood blockbusters run shy of the pandemic leaving the cinema business on its knees, UK distributor Danse Macabre has seized the opportunity to book a UK theatrical release for an independent horror film which is rumoured to be cursed.
Originally filmed in the late 1970’s, ANTRUM was blamed for the deaths of 56 people when the cinema in Budapest where it was screening, burned to the ground. The subsequent death of two festival programmers that had screened ANTRUM led to the film being withdrawn from distribution and all copies destroyed.

In 2018, a documentary about ANTRUM entitled THE DEADLIEST FILM EVER MADE led to the discovery of the only surviving print which has since been re-mastered and will now be released in UK theatres on October 23rd followed by a DVD and digital release on October 26th.

“Some horror films have gained notoriety for their abhorent imagery (Cannibal Holocaust) or were as scary to film as they are to watch (The Exorcist) but none have ever been cursed to the point that they have led to deaths in the real world” – Movieweb

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