You’ll never go in the clouds again ‘Sky Sharks’ , insane, unique, and buckets of blood and fun ( @frightfest) #filmtwitter

Have you ever seen a film that had a scene where an airliner flying at approx 30,000 ft was attacked by a fleet of flying sharks with Nazi soldiers on the back of them. Nope me either, but now I have and that was all in the films 13 minute pre credit sequence.Welcome to Sky Sharks, the most insane premise for a shark movie since sharks met tornadoes. When a team of geologists discovers a Nazi warship in the Arctic that was believed lost: the Himmelsfaust, The plot thickens and the plot becomes even more insane. Turns out that scientists there researched top-secret, war-critical ordnance and created the Reichsflughaie: rocket-powered monsters whose pilots are genetically mutated, supernaturally equipped, undead super-soldiers.

Dr. Klaus Richter, the spiritual forefather of this experiment, is forced to stop his deadly army of the undead in order to save humanity and planet Earth from seemingly certain doom. His daughters Angelique and Diabla face the threat that their father unleashed on the world 75 years ago… Told you this film was insane, but oh boy is it a lot of fun. From the opening moments of the film, you know that you arent about to watch a believable plot unfold in front of your eyes, but you do very quickly realise that the filmmakers behind Sky Sharks love movies and are laughing their heads of at the wonderful crazinesss they have created. The film is visually great, and with a thumping musical score and zany cast of characters, you are in for a fun ride with buckets of blood to keep horror fans entertained.

I remember a few years ago, sitting in the movie theatre watching Starship Troopers, and a woman next to me, turned to her friend (about 45 minutes into the film) and said ‘this is a bit far fetched isnt it” Id love to sit down with that woman now and watch Sky Sharks, It would be amazing. So is Sky Sharks worth watching well im sure you can gather than I had a lot of fun watching it and horror comedy fans will lap this one up for sure.and featuring genre favourite Tony Todd, Mick Garris, and Dominic Brunt in the cast, This one gets the thumbs up!


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