Director James Webber unveils his ‘Sorority’ trailer ahead of the films 2020 festival run #filmtwitter ( @DirectorJWebber )

Starring BAFTA winner Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena, The Danish Girl, Obey), Emily Haigh (Jane Eyre, The Dare), Sam Gittins (Ray & Liz, Break, Await Further Instructions) and double BAFTA winner Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, The Witch, Peaky Blinders) comes ‘Sorority’ a new film by Director James Webber.

Sorority explores the lives and relationships of two sisters; Sarah, a talented writer on the verge of attending Oxford University; and Harriet, who dreams of escaping the confines of their estate and leaving behind her overbearing boyfriend, Andrew. The sisters’ close relationship is the most important thing in each of their lives and, with their father gone, it is only this bond that truly means anything.

As Harriet prepares a move to the other side of the country, the sisters spend their last few days together reflecting on the past, and learning to come to terms with the future and life without each other.

You can find out more at the films official website here

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