Scream Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street. One of the most fascinating documentaries ive seen, Showcasing @ActorPatton on screen where he should be (@shudder ) #ShudderRecommendation

My journey through horror streaming platform Shudder continues and once again Shudder have shown me gold! In one of my favourite documentaries of the year Scream Queen:My Nightmare on Elm Street takes a look back at the first sequel to the Wes Craven classic ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, The 1985 film A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddys Revenge starring Mark Patton as Jesse Walsh and Robert Englund as child killer (and now teen killer) Fred Krueger.

Scream Queen:My Nightmare on Elm Street is no ordinary or run of the mill making of , this is the story of the life of actor Mark Patton who went from drama student to starring in the first sequel of potentially one of the largest horror franchises of the 1980s. All sounds fantastic doesnt it, well for Mark the journey was far from the ups of an amazing rollercoaster and in this documentary we get to see the Mark from before his encounter with the film and its makers, during the films production, and after the films production. We are given a totally honest view of what its  was like for Mark and it is heart breaking, but easily one of the most interesting documentaries that I have seen. taking us on a journey that includes fan meetings, press screenings, talking heads with many other members of the films cast and crew, and reunions that should have happened a long time ago but werent ready to happy until they were ready to happen.

Mark comes off (and im not saying that he isnt, but ive never met him or spoken to him) as such a lovely guy, one who I would gladly sit down with and after giving him a damn long hug, we would speak for hours and hours about a whole range of things.  Now I havent rewatched Elm Sttreet 2 but was always a fan of the film, sure it didnt live up to the originality of the original 1984 film, but that was a hard bench mark to reach, but I still enjoyed the film and over the years, I have seen it a few times and always have a fondness for it. Anyways, do check out this wonderful documentary and on one last note, It was great to see Mark back on the screen, where he belongs!

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