Ernie, a short film by Director Ray Panthaki, is part of The Uncertain Kingdom, released now on @BFI @CurzonCinemas @PrimeVideo ( @RayPanthaki ) ( @uncertainkngdm )

Ernie (played by Paul Kaye)  is a vulnerable recluse who spends his life caring for his racist father and navigating a world in which he doesn’t quite fit in to, is a short film directed by Ray Panthaki, and co written by Ray and also Simon Fantauzzo which is released as part of The Uncertain Kingdom

The Uncertain Kingdom is a collection of twenty short films, from twenty visionary filmmakers, offering a unique portrait of our nation today and is released today on BFI Player, Curzon Home Cinema, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Video.

Ray Panthaki has been one of my favourite actors for many years now, and has appeared in many of the top quality dramas from the UK, such as Gangs of London, Marcella, and Blessed, as well as cinematic outings in films including 28 Days Later, Kidulthood, Interview With A Hitman and can be seen in the upcoming film Boiling Point.  Having watched Ray in front of the camera for many years, it will be great to see his directing skills and I cant wait…..

The 19 other films in The Uncertain Kingdom are listed below:

Director: Lab Ky Mo (Automat – Sky Arts 50)
The unexpected arrival of her mother and socialist brother threatens a Conservative candidate’s ambition to become the first female British-Chinese MP.

Director: Guy Jenkin (What We Did on Our Holiday)
After her neighbours become suddenly immortal, a young girl finds the Grim Reaper locked in a barn and amenable to making a deal for his freedom.

Director: Jason Bradbury (Alone My Friend – Cannes Straight8 2018)
Club security guard and former skinhead Hank reluctantly offers homeless gay teenager Isaac a place to stay for one tense night.

Director: Jason Wingard (BIFA winning director of In Another Life and Eaten by Lions)
A modern parable about a woman who sees a homeless man literally sinking into the pavement and her attempts to save him in an indifferent world.

Director: Sophie King (Uneatable – Channel 4)
A marriage is tested when the patriotic husband’s success in a citizenship challenge means he will soon be turned into a swan.

Director: Paul Frankl (Roxanne – Flickers Rhode Island 2015)
The discovery of a healing tree brings hope to a Bolivian migrant whose son is close to death from plastic pollution.

Director: David Proud
An unemployed disabled actress gets a job advising an obnoxious up-and-coming star how to perform a disability for his latest role.

Documentaries: thought-provoking snapshots of the state of the nation: 

Director: Leon Oldstrong (That’s Not Ours – LSFF 2019)
A series of vignettes celebrating love, community, protest and joy to remind us that though our hope may diminish it is reborn in our children.

Director: Alison Hargreaves (producer of Inside Bitch at the Royal Court)
A reimagining of the Welsh legend of King Arthur, told by boys growing up in the Valleys with the quest of their own lives ahead of them.

Director: Carol Salter (BIFA-winning Almost Heaven)
In the coastal towns of North West England, dedicated volunteers hand out kindness and food to help those left behind.

Director: Ellen Evans (Life in Miniature – Sundance 2019)
Jamaican-born Brits who have been forcibly returned to their “home country” by the UK government describe their experiences.

Director: Stroma Cairns (If You Knew – Jury Special Commendation BFI LFF 2019)
In the heat of a community gym’s sauna, a disparate group of Londoners gather nightly to open up about community, connection and faith.

Director: Dominika Ozynska (The Law of the Sea – Random Acts)
Seeing immigration from the perspective of a migrant, a Polish man describes what his countrymen people have contributed to the UK.

Director: Runyararo Mapfumo (Dawn in the Dark – LFF 2019)
A handful of Brits explore the challenges they’ve encountered with their non-Western names and celebrate how their names express who they are.

Experimental films: innovative cinematic visions of the United Kingdom:

Director: Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Q4L Quest for Love – Galway Film Fleadh 2019)
On a desolate Northern Ireland border, a man begins a desperate search for his family, knowing the future he feared is nigh.

Director: Rebecca Lloyd-Evans (BAFTA nominated Missing Dad), Co-Director: Alex Fry
The return of the Goddess Astarte triggers an exploration of female sexuality through the personal fantasies of three women.

Director: Hope Dickson Leach (The Levelling)
A fists-bared, kickboxing, bleeding-nose look at who and what makes women angry right now – and what they do about it.

Director: Iggy LDN (Black Boys Don’t Cry)
In a rallying cry of protest, a young woman exposes the insidious ways brands use social media to disguise their true intentions.

Director: Lanre Malaolu (Elephant in the Room – Roundhouse 2019)
Exploring the conversation black people face when communicating their racial experience to white partners through a dynamic fusion of dance and dialogue.


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