Ambitious, creepy, and with threats from beyond. Comes ‘Morris’ by writer/director Jason Brown

From Jason Brown, the writer of  ‘Dark Vale .. comes ‘Morris’, a tale of tragedy, and childhood innocence snatched from a group of young friends when one of their own died tragically on a train line when a game goes wrong. Now in adulthood, the life long friends start to receive very realistic warnings that could be coming from a non worldly place ,but are taking form in their own grown up lives.

‘For its low budget (around £2000) this is a very ambitious film and writer/director Jason Brown has put a lot of planning into this ‘Morris’, and whilst it would have been fantastic to see what could have been done with a larger budget, The cast and crew have put together a fun feature film that feels like a love letter to classics such as ‘It’ and ‘Stand By Me’ and whilst some may prefer the children’s storyline, some may prefer the adults storyline, there is something to like for everyone in this feature length film, from its slasher elements, to its more dramatic elements featuring the ensemble cast of talent. With ‘Morris’ It is difficult to go into specifics about the film without giving plot spoilers away, but it was a fun watch and I’m sure horror film fans will have a lot to say about it. Do check it out.   It is always exciting watching a filmmakers journey, and I for one, cant wait to see what Jason Brown has in store for us next.  Having spoke with Jason (and one of the films main cast Adam Probet) I learned a lot about how the film was put together and the planning behind it and was very happy to see the finished results.  Are there any negatives? Well I think if people look into any film then you can find negatives, but for the budget the crew had , Theyve done just fine, and until you start making your own films, you wont realise just how difficult it is. So you’ll find no negatives talked about here.

Bring on their next project and lets see what they have in store for us next!…and beware playing on train tracks….its deadly!

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