Imelda Staunton , Francesca Annis, and Russell Tovey in ‘Flesh and Blood’ the gripping four-part drama.

The gripping four-part drama Flesh and Blood is available to buy on DVD on 2nd March and is available on Digital Download now.

Flesh and Blood stars Imelda Staunton (A Confession), Francesca Annis (Home Fires), Russell Tovey (Years and Years) and Stephen Rea (The Honourable Woman), is created and written by Sarah Williams (The Long Song) and directed by Louise Hooper (Cold Feet).  This dark, witty drama explores family dynamics and modern relationships as they are thrown into disarray.

As she approaches her 70th birthday, recently-widowed Vivien (Francesca Annis) announces her love for a new man, Mark (Stephen Rea), throwing her family of adult children into chaos. As Vivien shifts her priorities away from her children, Helen (Claudie Blakley), Jake (Russell Tovey) and Natalie (Lydia Leonard), seismic shockwaves are sent through the lives of the siblings. Bringing years of secrets, lies, rivalries and betrayals to the surface that threaten to blow apart everything they’ve held dear.  Meanwhile Vivien’s overly attentive neighbour, Mary (Imelda Staunton), is simply trying to protect the family she has known for years.

In a few short weeks one of these people will be lying on a beach, terribly injured, perhaps dead, the question is, who? This perfect blend of intrigue and heartbreak makes for a gripping and personal family drama.

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