[The Cobbled Streets of Geneva] will perform at the Cage Venue at VAULT festival from Tuesday 11th Feb to Sunday 16th Feb.


Written by Nemo Martin // Directed by Jo Tyabji

Adham is a silent and brooding middle-aged tragedy, standing outside a Mosque in North London. Waiting.

It’s raining. Tea, an umbrella, and friendship arrive.

Two years later Adham’s boss invites him on holiday to “set him up” with a potential love interest.

Adham is panic-stricken and so in a bid to desperately bat away his admirer’s advances, he fabricates a husband.

But the plan backfires and suddenly Adham needs to produce evidence of his mythical beau. And that means he must convince someone to act the part…

Who best but his Imam and absolutely platonic friend Raushan?

The rest is what you’d expect: a call to adventure in the Alps, a meet-cute over antique books & Parisian coffee, a quarrel, and a sweet love with gardening gloves.

Award winning theatre company Ellandar Productions unites with long term collaborators 45North to champion Nemo Martin’s debut play [The Cobbled Streets of Geneva] – a warm queer romantic comedy about how role-playing new lives might bring us closer to who we really are.

Tuesday 11th – Sunday 16th Feb, 6:10pm (and 3:10pm matinee on Saturday 15th)

At VAULT Festival – CAGE venue

Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN

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