Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, a ton of entertainment, with a ton of heart, all delivered in a hypothetical gold plated limo, driven by @thatkevinsmith

Jay and Silent Bob are back, and taking a loving swipe at reboots in the latest adventure from the best pair since Butch and Sundance. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith don the hats and famous jackets and are back on screen in easily one of the most fun films ive seen for quiet a while. Whilst some might feel like moaning about the same old ground being tread over, I love that about this film with more fan service than any other film that ive seen for a long time. For newcomers to the View Askewuniverse, a large amount of the jokes will fall upon puzzled ears, but for those familiar with the entire works of Kevin Smith you will be smirking and laughing from start to finish, pausing only to have heart strings tugged at with cast members appearing such as Harley Quinn Smith (Daughter of Kevin) and Logan Lee Mewes (Daughter of Jay) joining my favourite cinematic universe. (although Harley has appeared before in several other KS movies) as well as memory lane being well and truly visited with many familiar faces, phrases, and banter.

Its not easy to talk about what I loved about this film without ruining the actual things that made me smile, but lets just say if you love the films of Kevin Smith and the world he has shown us in a whole host of films, then Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will make you grin from ear to ear with its nods, throwbacks, pot shots and more, and whilst some say the humour might be juvenile,whilst that may be true in some cases, there is also a lot of intelligent humour in the film and from the moment the film started, to the emotional end credits, the film entertained, amused and kept my attention 100%. Will this be the last time we see the characters? I hope not, but all good things must come to an end, i just hope that this wonderfully good thing doesnt come to end.

Thank you to everyone who lives in the View Askewuniverse for giving me so much entertainment over the years. Its a blast!= and with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith and Co have successfully delivered a ton of entertainment, with a ton of heart, all delivered in a hypothetical gold plated limo!  Snooch to the Nooch!


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