The entire Season 1 of Creepshow is now on Shudder ( @shudder ) ( @shudder_uk )

Prepare yourself for the finale of your nightmares as the 6th and final episode of the 2019 anthology series drops onto my favourite streaming platform. Shudder. I have been keeping up to date as each new episode dropped onto the platform, so I do envy those who havent seen any of the episodes. Go ahead, treat yourself to a great mix of half hour stories that range from creepy dollhouses, to men in suitcases

In the season finale Dana Gould stars in the splatter heavy Skincrawlers. And Creepshow comes full circle when legends Joe Hill and Tom Savini join forces to tell the not-so-tall tale of a small town’s lake monster.

And have you heard? We’ll be back to tingle your spine in 2020. Creepshow Season 2 is coming and I for one cant wait! There is a ton of conent to watch on Shudder to keep you busy until Creepshow 2 arrives, documenteries, films, short films, podcasts and much more.

Check Shudder out here


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