Independent video game development studio Drop of Pixel to showcase upcoming survival horror Underworld Dreams ( @DropOfPixel )

Independent video game development studio Drop of Pixel will be showing their upcoming survival horror Underworld Dreams® for the first time at Manga Barcelona (Oct 31-Nov 3). Underworld Dreams is a first-person psychological horror adventure in which you live the found footage starred by Arthur Adler in his return to the Groc House, where the murders which he was blamed for were committed.
A mature lovecraftian story set in the 80’s and based in The King in Yellow, written by Robert W. Chambers will bring back the fear and challenges of horror classics: puzzles, investigation, combats, survival, replayability, and different endings.

Underworld Dreams® will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch™ in the first 3 months of 2020


Investigate your environment, find clues and solve riddles.

Fight menacing creatures using different kinds of weapons.

Experience an engaging, twisting plot.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, based in “The King in Yellow” written by Robert W. Chambers.

Different endings depending on the decisions made in your adventure.

Developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch™.

About Drop of Pixel
Drop Of Pixel is an independent game development studio based in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) specialized in creating games for consoles, PC and VR platforms. The studio is currently working on Underworld Dreams®, the INFRAMON® franchise and Cyber Noir®. Their philosophy is to make mature video games with different points of view, innovating with gameplay mechanics featuring a special artistic style.

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