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My Week with Shudder is a new ‘series’ of articles launched here on which will keep you updated with the many horror shows, and films that I will watch during downtime from my night job. Someone asked me earlier what Shudder is, and the best way to sum things up is that Shudder is ‘Netflix’ for horror fans. Filled with horror TV shows, classic horror films, and many Shudder exclusives such as the up and coming series ‘Creepshow’ which launches on the Shudder streaming platform this September.

Whilst my schedule is very hit and miss, I will be watching various bits of Shudder content when I can and sharing my recommendations to you all. Today I watched the 1981 classic Cronenberg film ‘Scanners’ which was one of the first horror films I ever saw as a child (I was 11yrs old) and a film that I have bought on VHS, and DVD over the years, but now I can check out what I can only describe as the clearest picture and sound quality of the film that I have seen on the streaming platform.  Scanners takes us into the world of ‘Scanners’ who are to dumb it down, telepaths who can control peoples minds to the point of being able to make them literally explode. Michael Ironside (TV’s V, Total Recall) is fantastic as villain Darryl Revok, who is intent on building a scanner army to dominate the world. This is classic David Cronenberg, and still my favourite of his films.

I also checked out the (currently) five Shudder Guides which are roughly 5 minutes long each and feature Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman as each ‘episode’ gives us a super short guild to genres such as Giallo, Killer Kids, Haunted Houses, Slashers, and Revenge. Each of these will give you a few titles to get you started as you venture down the wormhole of films on Shudder. High recommended if you arent sure where t start with your up and coming horrorthons. Where will I venture next? Classic? 80s? Shudder Exclusive?

One thing I will say, is that Shudder was super easy to set up. Within the hour, I had it set up on my phone (theres an Android App), my Kindle Fire (through the browser), on my PC (through Google Chrome), and on my Xbox One (theres an App). Unfortunately at the moment there doesnt seem to be a Playstation App and it wouldnt work through the browser there, but thats more down to Sony than it is Shudder if the Reddit articles are to be believed, but considering I can only not watch Shudder one one device. I am still super happy to be able to start watching on one device, and then resume on another. Good times are ahead.

I then ventured into the documentary section to see what wonders I discovered and after reading several synopses I decided to check out Not Quite Hollywood. The Wild Untold Story of Ozploitation, a feature documentary which doesn’t just tackle horror films, but delves into the modern history of Australian films, from the 70s onward, Giving a whirwind tour (but giving you enough information to build up a list of films to check out when you can) this documentary takes us through the non-PC sex comedies of the 70s, the horror films and action films of the 80s and was not only a treat to see  clips from films such as Razorback, Mad Max, and Stone, but also to be introduced to films that I had never heard of.

Not that im in danger of running out of films anytime soon. I dont have the exact (or even the rough) number of films on Shudder, but if I quite my job and didn’t need sleep, and watched Shudder 24 hours a day. I think it would be many months before I ever felt myself in danger of running out of films and shows to see. With the price of Shudder being £3.99 per month ( $4.99 per month) its amazing value for money and I for one look forward spending time investigating some of the films and shows on this platform.

Head over to Shudder for more information and to sign up.(

Ill be back next week for more updates on My Week With Shudder



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