Pet Sematary is available now to Download and Keep and on Blu-ray and DVD 12th August from Paramount Home Media Distribution ( @ParamountUK )

Based On The Novel by Stephen King


After the Creed family relocates from Boston to rural Maine, they soon discover an ancient burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. When tragedy strikes, the grief-stricken father is driven by the cemetery’s sinister power, setting off a perilous chain of events that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.  Some secrets are best left buried in this twisted thriller.

Starring Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow, and Leo, Jager, JD, and Tonic as “Church”

Is the 2019 updating of one of the previous best Stephen King adaptations any good? Having first seen the movie version of Pet Semetary back in 1989 when it hit VHS (yes those old plastic wonderful cassettes that I still to this day do kinda miss) Pet Semetary was always (up until The Stand) my favourite Stephen King story that has been moved to the screen. Brilliantly directed by Mary Lambert ,the film to this day still ranks in my Top 20 creepy films. So it will come as no shock when I say that I was a little nervous when I heard they were ‘remaking’ the film and part of me was in the ‘why are they bothering’ camp.

But I will always give a film its own chance and recently checked the film out and was very happily entertained and creeped out. With effects and filmmaking being a bit more polished in the new millennium, the story of Pet Semetary does benefit from this with its animal work and super fast trucks (no spoilers there) The cast is great with the ever watchable Jason Clarke and Amy Seimitz as the parents of Gage and Ellie, moving into their nice new home in a small town. Nothing can go wrong right?

For those of you who havent read the book or seen the Mary Lambert Pet Semetary, then youll hopefully love this film. Its pretty dark yet you can still get away with munching on popcorn whilst you watch the journey this family go through, and for those (like me) who have seen the 1989 film you will still get a kick out of a lot of this with it not just being a carbon copy updating of the previous film and whilst it doesnt flip the story on its head, there are a few tricks to the audience which will put a smile on your face.

2018/2019 seems to be the return of the (Stephen) King with It:Chapter One and Pet Semetary, and this year we will be treated to Doctor Sleep and It:Chapter Two. It feels great to be a Stephen King fan and Pet Semetary is a great place to dive back in.

Directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer

Called “…an intense, cinematic ride” (Tom Beasley, Flickering Myth) and “…bloody and chilling…” (Jo-Anne Rowley, Mirror Online), the new thrilling adaptation PET SEMATARY comes home to Download & Keep now and on Blu-ray and DVD 12 August, from Paramount Home Entertainment.

The Digital* and Blu-ray releases are packed with over 90 minutes of special features, including hair-raising deleted and extended scenes, a chilling alternate ending (which is fun to watch but the theatrical ending still makes more sense and is a better fit for the film), a look at the main characters, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews and more.  A must-own for every Stephen King fan, PET SEMATARY is “a hellish Frankenstein like odyssey” (James Mottram, Total Film), not to be missed. The film also boasts an amazing Dolby Atmos® soundtrack to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead which will work perfectly for this atmospheric chiller.

Pet Sematary, available on Download & Keep now and Blu-ray and DVD 12th August, 2019 from Paramount Home Media Distribution





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