and the title of Star Wars Episode 9 is…… ( #starwars #movies #starwarscelebration )

Star Wars:The Rise Of Skywalker

Check out the official teaser trailer too. It does what it needs to. It teases us.

I Like it….. What do you think? Now I know by that the time I’ve even typed these words, large portions of the internet will be losing their minds and bitching and moaning about whether its a good title or whether its an awful title, but come on. Its a title for a film we will all go and see and talk about (hopefully in a positive light) I cant recall as exciting a time being a film geek as the anticipation for not only a Star Wars title, but also the trailer. Movies are great (well a lot of them are) so lets try and enjoy them and count down the months until Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker   bursts onto the screen.

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