RIP Geoff Murphy who has passed away today One of New Zealands best filmmakers #movies

Born in New Zealand in 1946, Geoff Murphy (who started off wanting to be a fighter pilot) has made some wonderful entertaining films in his lengthy career. Films that I havent seen for many years but really should watch again. I think the first film directed by Geoff that I saw was around the late 80s when I checked out his 1985 released post-apocalyptic film The Quiet Earth which tells the story through the eyes of a man named Zac ( played by Bruno Lawrence) who awakens to find himself alone in the world. But where has everyone else gone? The Quiet Earth quickly became a cult favourite and is still talked about with fondness to this very day (and sits at home on my DVD shelf)

Geoff also directed films such as Young Guns 2: Blaze of Glory and Freejack (both starring Emilio Estevez) and Under Seige 2: Dark Territory with the butt kicking Steven Seagal, and Fortress 2 ,starring Christopher Lambert.

As well as a director, Geoff was also a talented writer, actor and producer having worked in the film industry for decades.

He was also appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to film in 2014 and also in that very same year Geoff received an honorary doctorate in literature from Massey University. A very talented individual.

He shall be missed but his work lives on


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