Keanu Reeves is in ‘Siberia’ Released in cinemas and on Digital HD on 16th November from Signature Entertainment

Everytime we now see Keanu Reeves with his long hair, we get all super excited and think we are watching a new John Wick promo and yes I too am super excited to see the third adventure of the worlds favourite assassin when it hits cinemas next year, but whilst Keanu is busy riding horses in New York for Chapter 3, he has also been busy making the film Siberia, which is due out in cinemas this November, from Signature Entertainment.

Keanu plays Lucas Hill, an American diamond trader who travels to Russia to negotiate a deal involving some very rare gems that he plans to sell to the oligarch Boris Volkov. When his contact for the diamonds goes missing, and he gets on the wrong side of Volkov, Hill finds himself stranded in the frozen wastes of Siberia, with only a local bar owner to help him face the deadly situation.

Written by Scott B Smith – the mind behind the devilishly twisty noir cult classic A Simple Plan, and the plague horror hit The Ruins – SIBERIA is packed with gunplay, action, double-crosses and romance, as Reeves finds his trip to Russia spiral further and further out of control.

Reeves is on sensational top form as the man who realises that his dodgy dealings come at a price. The cast also features up-and-coming star Ana Ularu as Reeves’ love interest, 80s icon Molly Ringwald (The Breakfast Club), and Deadwood’s Pasha D Lynchnikoff, brilliantly chilling as the oligarch who’ll stop at nothing to get Reeves, or the diamonds, or both.

A heady mix of thriller and romance, with Reeves firing on all cylinders, SIBERIA is fish-out-of water thriller gem that fans of John Wick and Red Sparrow will take a real shine to.


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