Out Of The Shadows, a film by Dee McLachlin @evofilmsuk – @outoftheshadowsfilm out now in the UK on all major digital platforms

When Eric (played by Blake Northwield) and his pregnant wife Kat (played by Kendal Rae) move into what they think is their dream home you just know things arent going to work out for them, for if they did. Then there would be no film, or it would be a very dull film, and Out Of The Shadows is far from a dull film. Straight from the get go, we know that this isn’t a horror comedy nor is it a light hearted film. This is what Australian films do best. Grab you by the scruff of the neck and let you know whos boss.

.Sometimes I struggle ‘getting into’ films that involved supernatural forces and demons and of course whilst there are exceptions such as The Exorcist and Poltergeist, I still struggle to be freaked out by spooks n devils and the like. However Out Of The Shadows managed to unnerve me but more with its brilliant use of sound design and a very atmospheric score by Christopher Gordon so congrats to the crew who put all of that together. Not to mention the gorgeous cinematography by Viv Scanu which when all coming together, form a great sounding and looking film. Of course, having a browse around the internet as you do, some like this film, some dont but thats the case with all movies, but especially horror movies who may well have the most loyal fans of any other genre, but who sometimes can be hard to please. My recommendation is that you check the film out for yourselves. I very much enjoyed watching it today and I hope you do too!

Directed by Dee McLachlan

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