Check out Of Gods And Warriors ( @ofGods_Warriors ) at Manchester Comic Con ( @MCMComicCon ) Saturday 28th July

After a wonderful Premiere in London this week, The crew and cast of Of Gods And Warriors, still get no rest. With up and coming special Q&A screenings across the country ( Tickets available HERE ) some of the crew will also be showcasing the latest film by writer/director David LG Hughes (Hard Boiled Sweets) at next weekends Manchester Comic Con. The exclusive panel hosts a conversation with actor and bodybuilding star Martyn Ford, lead actress Anna Demetriou and actor Murray McArthur (Game of Thrones) and not only will give you a special insight into how the film was made, but will also hopefully give you a chance to meet the cast members attending. Even more than that. I will be there too, covering the Q&A Panel, taking photographs for and also trying to bag some exclusive interview clips for my social media channels.

Where and When? : Saturday 13:00 Main Stage

Tickets for the Manchester Comic Con can be purchased HERE




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