Meet ‘Gracie’ brought to you by filmmaker Jane Foster ( @23_films ) #supportindiefilm


Gracie thought her life was over, but destiny had other plans…

2am. In the grip of despair, Gracie, (29)  climbs the railings of Waterloo bridge, intending to jump, and kill herself, but desperate though she is, she just can’t do it.  So she stares out over the river, in the depths of misery, not wanting to live, and wonders what next?  Meanwhile, a Man arrives on the other side of the road, and unseen, quietly shadows her, but when Ellie, (17), runs headlong onto the bridge and up to Gracie, screaming for help, in fear for her life from a another Man who’s chasing her, he does nothing. Shocked out of her misery, Gracie grabs Ellie, and they run into the back streets, where Gracie now thinks they’re safe. However, those after Ellie don’t give up, but then neither does the other Man, who also covertly shadows them.

When saving the life of another, might just be the only way to save your own’

‘Gracie’ is a magi-real fantasy tale, set over one darkly surreal, strange night, which will challenge the Girls to their very limits, if they are to survive until morning.  Set against the dramatic, night skylines of Waterloo Bridge, and in an old cargo boat by Battersea Power Station, ‘Gracie’ sets a gothic, fable like tone. However, the narrated, dreamlike flashbacks that tell Gracie’s story give the film an original, vivid heartbeat all its own and the film also has an ironic, quirky humour. ‘Gracie’ is about, how even in our modern, sometimes brutal world, faith, forgiveness and love still triumph over fear and violence, sometimes in ways not easy to define, which gives the film a universal, accessible feel.  ‘Gracie’ was written and directed by Jane on a micro budget, as her feature length debut.

It was shot on super 16mm, using mainly available light and a skeleton crew, over a few years, and has a soft retro feel. Gracie was made with the help of talented first timers, and experienced well-wishers and is a credit to those who reach for the stars but who, on earth stayed the course!

Gracie’s cast includes: Chris Rankin, (Percy Weasley, Harry Potter), Darren Darnborough, (HBO’s True Blood),  Angela Peters, (Tangled up in Blue) , Aurelie Amblard , Lexi Strauss and Gabriel Pac. Gracie’s lyrical score is by Tandis Jenhudson, (‘The March’, ‘Shadows of Liberty’, Tandis was also a ‘BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2014’).


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