From the Producers of John Wick comes the thriller 24 Hours To Live.

From the Producers of John Wick and starring Oscar® nominated Ethan Hawke (Before Midnight, Boyhood), get ready for action and drama in the high-octane thriller 24 Hours To Live.

“Travis Conrad” (Ethan Hawke) is a former elite soldier devastated over the recent tragic deaths of his wife and young son, when his old army buddy “Jim Morrow” (Paul Anderson) shows up with an offer he can’t refuse.

Morrow now works for a powerful and highly secretive private military contractor, Red Mountain, who hires Travis for an extremely dangerous – but extremely lucrative – assassination job. Travis accepts the covert assignment, but everything goes completely wrong when he is shot and killed by an equally skilled female Interpol agent, “Lin Bisset” (Xu Qing) right at the moment he locates the target.

But, just when we think it’s curtains for Travis, he wakes up in an operating room, his body convulsing back to life – a recipient of Red Mountain’s brand new, highly experimental medical procedure that will give him 24 more hours of life… plenty of time for Morrow to extract the location of the target, information that only Travis knows.

Betrayed by his old buddy, Travis makes a break for it, determined to make up for a lifetime of mistakes in one final day on earth. With the ultimate clock ticking, he sets off to rescue the Interpol agent and at the same time take down Red Mountain in a fiery conclusion.

The fast-paced action drama, 24 Hours To Live, is available on digital download from 19th March and on DVD and Blu-ray on 26th March 2018.


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