The Promise. Out now on Blu Ray and DVD as well as Digital Download

Academy Award® Director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) brings us an epic story of courage and resistance with THE PROMISE. Starring award winning actors Christian Bale (The Fighter, The Dark Knight) and Oscar Issac (Inside Llewyn DavisStar Wars: The Force Awakens), THE PROMISE is based on actual events that took place during the Armenian Genocide during the onset of  the First World War. It arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on 4th September and on Digital Download from 29th August, courtesy of Entertainment One.

In 1914, brilliant Armenian medical student Michael (Isaac) moves to the the great city of Constantiople to continue his studies where he meets fellow Armenian Ana (Charlotte Le BonAnthropoid) and her boyfriend Chris (Bale), an American photojournalist dedicated to exposing the truth of the Ottoman Empire’s plans to enter the Great War. It’s not long before Chris’s suspicions come to pass and the Empire descends into war-torn chaos where the unlawful extermination of the Armenian people is the top of their agenda. Determined to protect their lives and countrymen Michael, Chris and Ana join forces with exiled rebels in order to fight back against the might of The Empire and aid the Armenian people in their flight to safety.

Cast also includes Tom Hollander (The Night Manager), Jean Reno (Leon) and James Cromwell (The Green Mile).


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