The Cartoon Parody That Reveals Who Really Hacked The Election: Freddy VS. Nostradamus

When politics has become a horror-filled nightmare, there is only one wrinkled, orange-skinned, bragging man to blame… Freddy Krueger! From the makers of “It’s Always Sunny In Eternia” and “Alien Party Punch Fountain”, comes the newest Neatoco creation; Freddy VS. Nostradamus.
The first episode of the cartoon web series, Freddy VS. Nostradamus premieres on the Neatoco YouTube channel on July 25th.
When our historical hero and future predictor, Nostradamus gazes into the future and sees  something which he deems “super-not-so-cool”, the hacking of the 2016 U.S. election! So, he grabs an arsenal of antique Italian weapons and sets out on an action-packed time-traveling adventure to stop Freddy, who is hell-bent on teaming up with an orange demon and bringing about the destruction of earth.

Freddy VS. Nostradamus was written by Corey Kalman (AmeriKarate) and Vuko (It’s Always Sunny In Eternia), with art and animation by Daniel Arruda Massa (Cougar & Cub, AmeriKarate).

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