Joe McCleans The Drama Club arrives on VOD from Leomark Studios.

The first “must see” (Film Threat) independent movie of the year, The Drama Club arrives on VOD this June from Leomark Studios but not only that news, but the great news for me is that the film is by one of the first ever (in fact he was THE first ever guest on a FromPage2Screen podcast) Mr Joe McClean.  I still remember the day that I watched the short film ‘How To Make A David Lynch Film’ and then later that week I spoke on a super early episode of The Movie Show with the man behind that film. Great memories. Since then Joe McClean has completed 7 projects (including the wonderful Life Tracker which is one my favourites from his body of work) and now gives us The Drama Club

“Bringing to mind The Big Chill” (Indie Film Minute), The Drama Club features a solid ensemble cast in the story of a high school drama club that catch up twenty-years on.

It’s been twenty years since they met in their high school drama club, but the teenage romances, egos, and quarrels are lying just beneath the surface waiting to prove themselves once again. Touching on topics from male/female double standards, to politics, to LGBTQ and race relations, the group grows more this weekend than in the last two decades. In a twisted maze of ex-lovers, old grudges, and new spouses, the friends are thrown down a rabbit hole of alcohol-fueled bad decisions.

This June, “quality indie cinema” (The Independent Critic) can be found within the frames of writer-director Joe McClean’s The Drama Club, available now on VOD including Itunes, and Amazon.

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