PET arrives on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital 13th March from Signature Entertainment ( @signatureentuk )

“Fresh & innovative” STARBURST 
“Monaghan & Solo are phenomenal” FLICKERING MYTH ★★★★★
“Twisted & awesome” LIVE FOR FILMS 
“Fantastic… Stays with you” HORROR CULT FILMS ★★★★★
This haunting, psychological horror follows Seth, a lonely man working in an animal shelter. His monotonous routine is broken one day when he bumps into Holly, a girl from school who he soon becomes obsessed with. However, when she rejects his advances, Seth’s obsession reaches a terrifying new level, with Holly hiding secrets of her own. 
Helmed by Award Winning director Carles Torrens (Apartment 143, ABCs of Death 2.5) and starring Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings trilogy), Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl, Black Swan) and Jennette McCurdy (Between, Sam & Cat), Pet is a dark and disturbing love story asking how much you could sacrifice in the name of love?


Signature Entertainment presents Pet on Digital 6th March and Blu-ray & DVD 13th March

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