The IOWF (International Online Web Fest) ( @IntWebFest) is this weekend! #movies

Kristal Geddes and Jason Matthewson will co-­host the  2nd Annual “IOWF”, an international web festival born online and grew­ up offline set in London this year.

The special duo will entertain artists and guests from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm in a quite new way of web fest, in fact “they redesign the traditional festival competition shows in a new, different and very interesting way,” according to Art Director, Nick Bigtower.


The 2nd IOWF Awards will be streamed live on Facebook, December 17, 2016, on the official Fan­Page. Rock previously hosted other shows. “Jason Matthewson can be a good interface between the entertainment industry and the world wide web” said Bigtower.

Jason Matthewson’s most recent jobs would be Allied starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, out now in the theatres. He did a guest role on the new season of Showtime’s episodes with Matt LeBlanc, the latest Jason Bourne film directed by Paul Greengrass, The Mummy with Tom Cruise and Russell Crow Hunter Killer alongside Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman and most recently the fifth instalment of Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise.

Kristal Geddes is a professional Actress and Model trained at the London School of Modelling. Kristal is also a fully trained Actress and attended Oliver Ent Theatre School for under 10’s, where she studied contemporary acting. She has also continued her training within RADA, Identity Drama School, Kingdom School of Arts and Middleweek Newton (funded by Channel 4). Her skills range within dance having studied dance at The Laban Centre learning techniques from ballet to street dance. Interested in paid modelling & acting work.

Check out the official selection for the event


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