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Out on Digital HD Now
Available on DVD – Exclusive to Amazon 
Exclusive Bonus Materials Include an In-depth Making of Featurette, Commentary with Grace & Hannah, & More
A smart, witty and fresh twist on the cult-classic television series from Sid & Marty Krofft, the all-new feature-length comedy ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL is available on Digital HD now and on DVD (exclusive to Amazon) July 11 from Legendary Digital Studios and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Further expanding into film from their YouTube origins, where combined they have generated more than 415MM views, comedians Grace Helbig (“The Grace Helbig Show”) and Hannah Hart (“My Drunk Kitchen”) transform into the ultimate superhero duo in this exciting new action comedy. ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL follows two small-town female crime-fighters that move to Los Angeles in order to find superhero stardom. The film also stars Andy Buckley (“The Office,” Bridesmaids, The Heat).
ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL comes fully-loaded with exclusive bonus content, including audio commentary with Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart; a “making of” featurette that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the film; “Inside Creative Masked Management” a featurette following the film’s superhero talent agency; and eight hilarious featurettes that go deeper into the world of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl.

Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig previously teamed up for the iTunes Top 10 feature filmCamp Takota and their live tour #NoFilter has been selling out domestically and internationally. Hart and Helbig have a combined social following that exceeds 10MM.

Exclusive DVD & Digital Extras*:
  • Feature-length audio commentary with Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart
  • “Making of” Electra Woman & Dyna Girl featurette
  • “Inside Creative Masked Management” featurette
 Additional DVD & Digital Extras Include: 
  • Eight hilarious featurettes that give a deeper look into the world of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl:
    • “Electra Car for Sale”
    • “Making the Movie Poster”
    •  “CMM: The Superhero Agency”
    • “Dan Dixon: CMM Super Agent”
    • “Megaline: The Source for Celebrity News”
    • “Everybody Loves Plant Man”
    • “There’s No Sidekick Here”
    • “Grace & Hannah at San Diego Comic-Con
 * Digital Extras only available with iTunes Extras

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