Deadpool wants to give you some amazing oral pleasure #DeadpoolDVD #Cockermouth #Rimswell #BellEnd #Fingringhoe #Shitterton

The bad ass, smart ass and great ass that is DEADPOOL is coming to Digital HD on June 4 and on Blu-ray and DVD from 13th June

To mark its release we’ll be whipping up some creamy treats – and we want you to come and enjoy these.


This month DEADPOOL is bringing you the DEADCOOL AIRSTREAM! The cheekiest ice cream van to ever enter the UK handing out free DEADPOOL treats. The DEADCOOL AIRSTREAM will be touring the UK leaving sweet skid marks in its tracks!

The first ice cream will be whipped up in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens on June 13th, and will then be providing a great amount of pleasure at the Pleasure Beach itself in Blackpool on June 14th before heading back to London’s Boxpark in Shoreditch for June 16th. There will be a stop off on the 15th too, in true DEADPOOL style, the public can vote where the van of creamy goodness visits based on the rudeness of the town name… Will Shitterton in Dorset be one the lucky towns to be penetrated by Deadpool? And who wouldn’t want to visit Fingrinhoe, right?!


Members of the public who are lucky enough to witness the van simply have to tweet to eat DEADPOOL’s sweet brown treats! DEADPOOL will follow through his end of the deal by giving out his tasty delight… free poo inspired ice cream, what’s not to love? Don’t worry, it’s whipped chocolate ice cream with fake eyes and a mouth, really.

If you want to check out the van for yourself and nab DEADPOOL’s sweet brown delight, let us know if you would like to poop down – sorry – pop down?

To get all the inside scoop of the DEADCOOL TOUR and vote for Britain’s rudest places, visit

The DEADPOOL Airstream tour website is now open and ready for people to vote!

The towns for people to vote for their favourite are as follows:

Bonar Bridge



Bell End



This will determine where the van will go this Wednesday!

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