Seize The Night has bite!



Directed by Emma Dark


After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva (played by Emma Dark) is hell bent on revenge and so we enter the world of Seize The Night, the latest project by Emma Dark (Island Of The Blind Dead, Everytime I see you I go Wild)

Using modern day films such as Blade, Underworld, and Razor Blade Smile as inspiration. Emma Dark and the crew of Seize The Night bring the world of the vampire into the modern day, giving the creatures more of a believable scientific basis rather than the spooky legendary surrounding of films gone by.


With a short running time of only thirteen minutes, have the filmmakers succeeded?

Hell Yes they have! Pulling in cast members from films such as From Hell, Wrong Turn 6, Cockneys V Zombies, as well as many actors taking Seize The Night as their debut appearance. Emma Dark has done a fantastic job putting Seize The Night together (of course with the assistance of her wonderful crew)


Seize The Night looks glorious with the cinematography tone of previously mentioned Underworld. That sort of colour saturated atmosphere that we come to expect from bleak films such as the first Saw film or Se7en. The look of Seize The Night is as much a character as Eva herself, and works wonderfully from the long shots to the close quarter combat in this tale of vampires and wolves. Whilst the running time is only thirteen minutes, the scenes we see feel like they are part of a larger tapestry, or a feature length film and I really do hope that Seize The Night is revisited in the future and turned into what I would love to see. A franchise, opening up the world of Eva, her backstory, her present and most exciting of all. The future.

Learn more about Emma Dark and Seize The Night through the following pages

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