A chat with Genesis Rodriguez (Run All Night)

Run All Night is available on digital download on 27th July and available on Blu-ray and DVD on 10th August   




QUESTION:  Can you talk about Gabriela and how you see her backstory in terms of marrying Mike Conlon? 

GENESIS RODRIGUEZ:  She met Mike back when she was in school.  She was tough, a little bit younger, and he liked how independent and strong she was and didn’t take his stuff.   It was just a whirlwind kind of a thing where they just rushed into it and they knew they were supposed to be together.  My version of his backstory is that he was kind of broken and she just picked up his pieces and put him together.

And I wanted to do that work because we have so few scenes together and we really do have to look like a real family—it’s the reason why they going through this movie running all night, to protect this one thing that he has that’s right in his life.  And it was good, because Joel [Kinnaman] was really easy to work with.  He was always spending time with me and the girls.  We played, we ate, we did everything together.

The only hard thing about it is meeting your husband on the first day of work.  [Laughs]  So you really have to try to connect or try to engage.  And Joel walked in and he was so tall and I was already a fan of his.  I loved his movie Snabba Cash and I told him that.  I said, ‘That movie blew my mind.  You were so good in it.’

And then here he was speaking and he had zero accent and I was like, ‘Oh.’  And in this part, he has like a New York accent and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, you are good!’  And he listened to hip hop in the morning in the makeup room and I was like, ‘And you’re cool.  I like my husband.  I can figure this out.’  He was really, really easy to work with.

QUESTION:  What was it like playing a mom?

GENESIS RODRIGUEZ:  Hard.  Very hard.  I have such respect, such respect.  I wish I got my first mom role playing like a loving family and it’s about the family dynamics, but this one was just like, ‘Get your kids and run’ throughout the whole movie.  [Laughs]

Run All Night is available on digital download on 27th July and available on Blu-ray and DVD on 10th August    


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