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Are you ready?

The festival will be using six screens at the VUE, West End, one more than last year. Expect to see north of 80 films and events in the programme. A festival pass this year will cost £185. Day passes are Thursday – £30, Friday and Saturday £60, Sunday and Monday £50.

Single tickets this year will be £13.25.

Festival and day pass sales will commence on July 4 at 10 AM and will only be available online.  Single tickets will go on sale on July 18 through the VUE website, call centre and at the cinema for personal callers.

By only making festival and day passes available online there will be no sleepy queue this year. This has been one of the hardest decisions that the organisers had to make in the 16 years that FrightFest has been in existence. If you’ve been following the ticketing thread on the FrightFest Forum, you will know how difficult this process has been.

sleepy queue picture

You can see from the picture above the main reason theyve come to this decision. The location where the queue would normally form is no more. It has been barricaded off due to the building work that’s going on along the bottom of Leicester Square. So why not just queue up outside the VUE itself I hear you ask. They feel this isn’t safe. The top end of Leicester Square on a Friday night is a zoo. They would worry about people having to spend the night there to get tickets.

The people who will be handling the online sales for the organisers look after many of the large outdoor summer festivals, so theyrs confident there shouldn’t be the meltdown of previous years. There will be a queueing system in place that allows a limited amount of people to be buying tickets at one time. As you wait, you be given an indication of how long it will be before you can get access to tickets.  For those of you who wish to sit together, the system has been set up to allow a maximum of 10 tickets to be bought at any one time and the credit card limit has been set accordingly.

A bonus of the new system is that you will be able to get your Discovery Screen tickets before you leave home. They will be opening up the ticketing on August 24. This will allow FrightFesters to browse the screens, choose seats and print tickets at home.

Frightest are looking forward to letting you all know about the line-up and guests this year. It’s looking good with a fantastic line up.

ff_2015 copy-crop-u9357

A quick shout out to the lovely Graham Humphreys. They are using his 2015 monster for the first time in this newsletter. Expect to see it on T-shirts, with the films on the back this year, posters and the giant hoarding outside the cinema overlooking Leicester Square.

Graham took the idea of Magic as his theme. “At a recent visit to the incredible Cinema Museum in Kennington (one of my favourite haunts) I was admiring their extensive collection, among which I noticed a number of Victorian ‘Magic Lanterns’. This formed the basis if my concept, the idea of magical projection through one of these exotic devices. Running with the theme, I took the application of Aleister Crowley’s ‘Magik’ rituals and placed our regular FrightFest monster posed in the distinctive manner of one of the best known photographs of ‘The Beast’. Using the projection device, a legion of demons is unleashed, surround by magical symbols. They – just as we will – are enjoying the shared spectacle generated by the satanic lamp.”


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