Candlestick by @ChrisPresswell and my thoughts on his film

I love all types of films, action films, drama films, even the odd comedy film if its non slapstick. I like horror films and…..well all types of films. I watch around 400-500 films a year. So what type of film do I love the most. Well that would be something different.

Today I watched a very unique film that is currently out on Region 1 DVD and also on Digital via Itunes


What is Candlestick about?

A social gathering, hosted by Jack turns sour when one of his friend’s wife is accused of infidelity. As the allegations start flying, it soon emerges that far more sinister intentions may be at play.


Candlestick has a very basic premise, but is such a clever film, yes for the storyline but more for the fact that its basically staged as a stage play yet filmed as a movie. Focusing heavily on the dialogue between the small cast, its about as close to being at the theatre as it can get without leaving your house.


Very quickly I picked up the ‘feel’ of a stage play, with the way the dialogue is performed and the lack of harsh language but also with the wonderful retro feel to the film (cable based phones, record decks) give the film a wonderful ‘classic’ feel. Add to that the ‘Hitchcockian’ style theme music and credit sequence, and you just know that if you flipped the colour setting down on your TV, this could pass as a film noir (other than the sight of a mobile phone in the film)

Directed by Christopher Presswell

Candlestick is a super stylish throwback to the vintage films of 1950s, 60s and early 70s cinema with a storyline that could be set anytime at all. Beautifully filmed by Haider Zafar, and considering the film is pretty much set in one flat, it must have been both a nightmare and a dream project for all involved to plan it out. Wonderful work by all.

You can follow the official Twitter account here

You can follow Director Christopher Presswell’s Twitter account here

Do pop over and say hi. Also do review his film wherever you watch it.

The Cast List.

Andrew Fitch  as Jack.

Isla Ure as Vera

Nigel Thomas as Frank

Tom Knight as Major Burns

Dan March as Marcus.


Amy Barnes as Stacey (voice)

Dominic Boren as Sgt Hamilton

Pete Edmunds as Constable Peck

James McNeill as Constable Knott





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