Shooting underway on Thea directed by @nirpalb

Its always great to hear when a filmmaker I am a fan of moves onto making another film and this article is such a pleasure to type, not only because Director Nirpal Bhogal is making another film but also because creative genuis Paul Hyett is also onboard.

Shooting started last week on THEA, a new film with a cast headed by Antonia Thomas (NORTHERN SOUL, SUNSHINE ON LEITH & TV’S MISFITS), Luke Norris (THE DUTCHESS, POLDARK) & Eileen Davies (SIGHTSEERS)

Directed by Nirpal Bhogal (SKET, MISFITS) and produced by Uzma Hasan (THE INFIDEL).

The film is co-produced by Gareth Roberts and Jezz Vernon and shooting takes place in London and wraps 10th May.

Paul Hyett is designing the creatures for Thea

Paul Hyett is designing the creatures for Thea

Multi Award winning Paul Hyett is the creature designer (THE DESCENT & THE WOMAN IN BLACK) The team behind the cult electro outfit Gazelle Twin will be comprising an original score under the moniker Newt and Benge.

THEA is a co-production between Little House Productions and Moli Films and is the first of a slate announced earlier this year Metrodome is selling internationally and releasing in the UK/Ireland.

THEA is an evocative horror about the reality of the supernatural world encroaching into our everyday lives, a young family forced to turn to the occult to save their daughter from the supernatural entities that plague her. Taking as its inspiration the seminal horror films of the 70s, it is a chilling insight into the sacrifices we must make when we bring a new life into this world.

Nirpal Bhogal also directed SKET

Nirpal Bhogal also directed SKET

Charlie (Antonia Thomas) and James (Luke Norris) are just starting their lives together; young and in love, they’re relishing having no responsibilities, until Charlie discovers that she is pregnant. Into their world comes Thea; a beautiful little girl. But her arrival brings with it terrifying entities that threaten their newly formed family, things that are beyond their understanding. Panic stricken, the young parents enlist the help of James’ estranged father Alistair, a dilapidated would-be occultist whose obsession drove his family apart and led his son to despise him. He diagnoses Thea as a beacon – a child whose very presence attracts the attention of the supernatural creatures that surround us. Charlie and James realise that they must dedicate their lives to protecting their unplanned daughter.

Director Nirpal Bhogal

Director Nirpal Bhogal

As Thea grows into a young girl, the once playful entities that crowd around her become increasingly violent, vying for her attention and threatening her innocence. With Alistair at a loss, he turns to Elizabeth, an occult practitioner of great power who teaches Thea to control, rather than be afraid, of the dark forces around her. Thea’s newfound confidence unleashes something far more malevolent and terrifying than they have ever encountered.

More information will come soon about Thea


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