Wildefire at the Hampstead Theatre


 Attending theatre shows isnt something I have done that much of. For no specific reason really, its just sadly worked out that way. Last year Annette and I attened the Royal in Liverpool to see the stage play ‘Hope’ and it was such a fantastic night out. A theatrical far outweighs the feeling you get from watching a film on a screen, adding an extra dimension and a sense of realism and pure entertainment that is hard to match with a camera.

I said back then and I remind myself now. Heading out to see some theatre shows is most detinately still on my list of things I want to do more often.

Add to that when I saw that one of my most favourite actresses was headed to the stage, I knew I wanted to tell you all about Wildefire. Showing at the Hampstead Theatre. So for those of you in walking, driving, or train range to Hampstead. Do check out Wildefire if you can, and do let me know how great it is. Ive seen Lorraine in more films than i can count (well actually I could count them – 18 so far) and I bet shes fantastic on stage,

Photo taken by Ellie Kurtz

Photo taken by Ellie Kurtz

Enclosed within this article are some photos which were recently taken by Ellie Kurtz.


(until the 29th of November)

The show is set in South London. In the present day.

Gail Wilde (played by the fantastic Lorraine Stanley) is an average policewoman, but one who lives up to her nickname, yes her nickname is the title of this stage play. ‘WILDEFIRE’

Photo by Ellie Kurtz

Photo by Ellie Kurtz

When suspicions surround Gail’s professional conduct things reach fever pitch after a fellow officer is involved in a serious incident whilst on the beat.

Things carry on spiralling out of control with wild conspiracy theories and rumours.

A cycle of accusations and recrimination ensues, spiralling out of control.

Photo by Ellie Kurtz

Photo by Ellie Kurtz

Director Maria Aberg makes a highly anticipated return to Hampstead Theatre since 2011’s Belongings in 2011 which then transferred from Hampstead to the West End. Marias most recent credits include The White Devil and As You Like It (both Royal Shakespeare Company), Hotel (National Theatre) and Much Ado About Nothing (at the Royal Exchange, Manchester).

You can find an interview with Maria HERE

The Running time is approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes (without an interval)


Tuesday – Saturday evenings
Full price: £32/£29
Concessions: £18*
Groups: For every 9 tickets get the 10th free
Access: £15

Previews, Mondays and matinees
Full price: £25/£22
Concessions: £15*
Seniors (matinees only): £18/£15
Groups: For every 9 tickets get the 10th free
Access: £15

*Under 26, Jobs Seekers allowance and Student concession seats are available in rows A, M & Q

Audio described performance:
29 November at 3pm, with a touch-tour at 1.30pm

Captioned performance:
25 November at 7.30pm, with a transcribed post show discussion

For ticket information and purchasing click HERE

The Hamstead Theatre official site is HERE 

For more photos and updates. Head over to the Hamstead Facebook page HERE

I cant say highly enough how great it is to watch a story unfold on a stage. 

I wish the cast and crew of this show and all at the Hamstead Theatre, a great run of the show.




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