Building Monsters by @expeditionmovie

ANATOMY OF A MOVIE MONSTER by Writer/Director Adam Spinks of The Expedition


Building “Alfonso”

So, we thought it was about time that we told you a bit more about BIG AL!

As you know we’re working VERY hard to keep the identity of our monster secret but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you a bit more about how we’re creating him!

We’re big believers in practical effects and when this effects house first pitched us what they could bring to the production we were staggered by their ability and by their passion for their craft. We knew THIS was how we wanted to do it!

And we thought we’d share some of that amazing process with you!

Stage 1

This consists of the construction of the “skeleton” which has been built to our specifications.

This is less of an actual skeleton and more of a framework. Constructed from high quality metal alloy, it is this frame that will form the basis for the rest of the elements added during the build.

MECHANICAL MODELLING is carried out in line with performance specifications needed for production. This may include specific movements to eyes, hands, arms, feet, tails, fins or tentacles!

Stage 2

This stage of the process we refer to as ARTISTIC MODELLING and this was the most exciting!

This is where BIG AL really transformed from a framework into a MOVIE MONSTER. In the space of a few short weeks there he was, standing before us.

This part of the process was making life-like skin detail. This is made from an advanced silicon rubber, a technique pioneered by the Stan Winston Studio (now Legacy Effects) on major Hollywood blockbusters and still used today.

Alfonso’s “skin” was created using our original concept samples, from which moulds were made using this silicon rubber. Once finished, this “skin” was then added to the skeletal framework.

Stage 3

The finishing touches are added to this creature. Using our original concept artwork and a colour scheme of our choosing, the effects house then added a detailed paint job to this incredible design.

It was then that we got the invitation we’d been waiting for… we could head down and check out our completed creature and see it working!

Seeing it on camera is mind blowing and we knew that it will blow your minds too.


Are you excited? I sure as hell am!

Find out more at @expeditionmovie

Get involved further at

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