My Stuff

This is a page where I will update you with some of my projects, either in filming stage, or any form of development stage. Think of this page as a mini blog of sorts.

June 4th 2021 

With things still up in the air (so to speak) with the world we live in at the moment, filming the Mimi trilogy is still on hold for now. With the first two ‘segments’ already filmed (well over a year ago), and the final segment awaiting filming – the Mimi script has been through a few rewrites over the past year.  Lamissah and I do hope to film this as soon as we can, and will get the film out when its ready.  Initially I had edited a roughcut of the first two short films, but now that the Mimi trilogy will now just be Mimi (but a slightly longer film, rather than three short films) these roughcuts will not see the light of day. 

Regarding other projects such as the script completed ‘Stockholm’, ‘Prey’ and ‘Glimmer’ which will also star Lamissah, these two are awaiting a schedule for filming.   More news on those will be dropped in here when I know it and when things are worked out. 

June 5th 2021 

A while back (well a few months ago) I started writing what I was rough titling ‘the castle project’  I had put a call out for casting videos and received a bunch of them which I still have of course. There are some very talented actors out there. 

The writing of the script begun with the plan of filming at the end of 2021 but with the situation with the pandemic lasting longer than anyone thought it would, I took the decision to halt writing and any pre production on ‘the castle project’ for now.   I didn’t want to end up with a pile of scripts that would derail pretty much anytime I had to work on the other projects I had.  So I put ‘castle’ to one side, but do plan to get back into writing that later this year.  One of the other reasons I had put the script to one side, was due to a little bit of writers block when it came to part of the story.  A day or two ago , a great idea to get over that plot block popped into my mind. So I will add those notes to the script and when I do recommence writing. Ill know where to head the story.