Magical Bones’ Soulful Magic comes to Bloomsbury Theatre – 21st Oct 2023 ( @magicalbones )

Following a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he performed to packed houses, the hottest British talent from the magic scene, breakdancing magician and finalist of Britain’s Got Talent, Magical Bonesis set to embark on a national tour with his acclaimed unique high energy magic show, Soulful Magic.

Bones brings a set of powerful illusions intertwined with great stories, beautiful music, lots of laughter and of course the coolest, break-dance moves. This cutting-edge show is more than a deceptive spectacle of grand illusion – it’s a concert of Soulful Magic.

Bones uniqueness resides in his ability to effortlessly combine intricate sleight of hand with mesmerizing illusions and jaw-dropping break-dance moves. No one else has this ability – he is the future of magic. This new exceptional show is the culmination of over 10 years of stage work that Bones has been performing since his first stage show, The Sleight Of Dance (2011) up to his most recent success, Black Magic (2019-2021). 

His exceptional blend of comedy, multiple magic styles, and breakdance skills make him one of the most interesting, entertaining and impressive talent to witness and this spellbinding show is a must-see for both adults and children.

Speaking on Soulful Magic, Bones says“I couldn’t be more eager to go on tour and keep on sharing my passion with the world. With trust at the core, Magic can really inspire. I’ve always used magic to share my experiences of street culture & lifestyle and all the heroes that have inspired me- this show is a testament to all these things. I have poured my heart and soul into these new effects pushing myself to the realms of impossibility, and I believe this is my most ambitious project to date.” 

Versatile, ingenious, and dynamic, Bones’ originality stands alone. He has quietly built a loyal following through the Edinburgh Fringe FestivalWest End and multiple TV appearances, including his breath-taking performances as a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, which the judges described as the ‘best-presented magic act I’ve ever seen!’ 


And although this is not a kid’s show, both adults and children are welcomed. Prepare to be dazzled! 

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