A real fish-out-of-water story, ‘The Friendship of Fish’ by Sherice Griffiths . Needs your help to swim to the next stage of production ( @Sherice_G ) #supportindiefilm

A real fish-out-of-water story

Three complete strangers unite under one common goal: saving the life of a goldfish. This short comedy will have you belly-laughing from start to finish — maybe it’ll even restore your faith in humanity a little.   Those are the opening lines of the currently running Kickstarter campaign for The Friendship of Fish, directed by Sherice Griffiths   So what is The Friendship of Fish about. Well its about an Animal lover called Warren who finds himself transporting a goldfish through a city park in a plastic bag and what sounds like an easy walk (in the park- geddit) ends up turning into a bit of a disaster when the bag starts to  leak (and thats not good for the fish is it)  But phew after some chaos  Warren manages to save his fish with the help of office worker Dev and fitness influencer Sasha.  No I’m sure that’s not the entire plot of The Friendship of Fish , thats just the synopsis. 

The team behind the film do need some assistance  with the funding for this film (not to transport the fish through the park) and if you like to help them out (or even reshare their page link) then that would be amazing.

You can find their Kickstarter page HERE

Their campaign has 16 days left to run (as off the 6th of April) and whilst they are pretty close to hitting their target, they arent quite there yet, and of course with Kickstarter. If they dont hit their goal- then they get no funds. So chuck the price of a coffee their way and all those will add up and we can find out more about this Fish

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