October 2023 release date set for Halloween 2018–2022: The Official Making Of The Films, a new book by Author Abbie Bernstein ( @Hedgebeast @TitanBooks )

Abbie Bernstein, the writer of such fantastic books such as The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road (released in 2015), Midnight Mass: The Art of Horror (released in 2021), and Master of Horror: The Official Biography of Mick Garris (which sadly doesnt have a UK release date but can be bought HERE and shipped to the UK) is set to tackle the recent Halloween movies (2018-2022) in what Im sure will be another glorious hardcover look into the stories and art behind the film.  Abbie has already worked on a long list of books which delve into the art behind the films and I cant recommend enough that you check out one or all of her books (my collection is growing) 

The making of  these past three Halloween films is covered in detail and will take us into the creative processes behind the stunts that feature in the film, as well as the costumes, the series production design and of course the fantastic make-up effects and we will be able to read a large amount of interviews with the cast and crew of the final three installments of the ‘Myers Saga’, using on-set photography that was taken during  key scenes and many of the action set-pieces Halloween 2018–2022: The Official Making Of The Films is a must have for all horror fans and can be pre-ordered now from Forbidden Planet HERE 

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